Office of Federal Awards Management


The Office of Federal Awards Management (OFAM) is a joint project between the Department of Budget & Finance, the Department of Accounting & General Services, and members of a grant hui comprised of grant program and fiscal managers from state departments and entities that receive federal awards.  The OFAM is a two-position office consisting of one executive-level administrator reporting directly to the Office of the Governor and the Director of Budget and Finance and one staff program specialist.

The objectives of OFAM are to: (1) develop and implement a Federal Award Accountability System (FAAS) to structure and document the state’s federal awards system and provide a uniform set of policies and procedures for state recipients of federal funds; (2) develop and implement policies and procedures that will enable the production of quarterly financial reports on federal awards directly from the State Accounting System (FAMIS); (3) provide information on the use of federal funds by state entities on a public website; (4) prepare for the implementation of a new state financial accounting and management system that will include a federal awards management system.

Additional information about OFAM is available at or call (808) 586-2367.