About Department of Budget & Finance

Director of Finance: Luis P. Salaveria
Phone: (808) 586-1518
Fax: (808) 586-1976
Email: [email protected]

Administrative and Research Office

The Administrative and Research Office (ARO) plans, directs and coordinates comprehensive programs, services and functions for the Department. This office provides services in budget, organizational management, procurement, financial accounting management, and systems analyses and formulates policies, procedures and guidelines in support of departmental programs. The ARO also administers a comprehensive personnel management program and provides assistance in all functional areas of personnel management to the Department’s administration, programs, and employees.

Budget, Program Planning and Management Division

The primary function of the Budget, Program Planning and Management Division (BPPMD) is to optimize the expenditure of all public funds which is done by assisting State agencies in improving the operational effectiveness of their programs and the effectiveness of agency budgeting. The Division is also responsible for preparing and monitoring the State’s short- and long-range financial plans and strategies.

The BPPMD coordinates studies and evaluations of the effectiveness of State programs; coordinates a program evaluation; analyzes and assists the Administration in improving management systems, policies, and procedures; develops both a format and procedures for a statewide program structure; reviews requests for reorganization; and provides fiscal and budgetary support in statewide collective bargaining negotiations. The BPPMD also coordinates the State’s capital improvement program; carries out the budgetary and fiscal policies of State government; reviews program plans and coordinates preparation of the executive budget that is submitted to the Legislature; and supervises and controls the budget appropriations authorized by the Legislature.

Financial Administration Division

The Financial Administration Division (FAD) is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the development of the State’s plans and strategies relative to cash management, investments and bond financing. The Division administers the State’s financial affairs, by continually monitoring and evaluating the State’s overall financial condition, i.e., the status of various general, special and bond funds; the State’s level of debt and related credit rating; cash condition; and effectiveness of investment instruments.

The FAD plans, monitors and manages the issuances of State bonds; determines the State’s investment policies and strategies; invests State funds within established policies and guidelines; accounts for all State treasury deposits and disbursements; and is responsible for administering the State’s debt activities including maintaining accounting records, paying bond and coupon holders, and assisting bondholders with lost, stolen, defaced or destroyed bonds or coupons. The Division also administers the State’s Unclaimed Property Program and the State’s 529 College Savings Program, called HI529.

 Administratively Attached Agencies