Administrative Rules

  • Chapter 1
    Public Records, Administrative Procedures, Receiving and Paying Hours Amendment – Treasury Cashiering Hours
  • Chapter 4
    Special Purpose Revenue Bonds for Health Care Facilities
  • Chapter 10
    Special Purpose Revenue Bonds for Industrial Enterprises
  • Chapter 12
    Special Purpose Revenue Bonds for Manufacturing Enterprises
  • Chapter 13
    Special Purpose Revenue Bonds for Processing Enterprises
  • Chapter 16
    Special Purpose Revenue Bonds for Early Childhood Education and Care Facilities
  • Chapter 17
    Special Purpose Revenue Bonds for Not-for-Profit Private Nonsectarian and Sectarian Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, and Universities
Employees’ Retirement System
  • Chapter 20
    Public records and information; adoption, amendment, or repeal of rules; declaratory ruling; cost of rules
  • Chapter 21
    Service credit: Exclusion from membership of certain employees
  • Chapter 22
    Certifications and findings of the Medical Board or Designated Entity
  • Chapter 23
    Contested case hearings
  • Chapter 24
    Election of members and retirant of the System to the Board of Trustees
  • Chapter 25
    Withholding of federal income taxes from retirement allowance payments
  • Chapter 26
    Application for retirement benefits; proof of age and computation of age
  • Chapter 27
    Member Home Loan Program
  • Chapter 28
    Operating procedures to ensure compliance with certain federal tax law requirements
  • Chapter 29
    Miscellaneous administrative provisions
  • Chapter 40
    Hawaiʻi Domestic Relations Orders
Hawaiʻi Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund
Office of the Public Defender
* Public Utilities Commission

Pursuant to Act 108, Session Laws of Hawaii 2014, the administrative rules of the Public Utilities Commission remain in effect until amended, repealed, or overruled by the Public Utilities Commission.  The  administrative rules may be found on the Commission’s web site (