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New Hire Orientation

New to State employment? We highly encourage you to watch the following videos [Requires Adobe Flash – Recommend viewing from non-mobile devices and using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser]

Make Sure You Have all Your Information

Please review the current policies and procedures applicable to your appointment type below. Before you get started on your new hire form online, you will need to prepare the following information:

  • Designation of Beneficiaries (Full name, Birth date, Social Security Number),
  • Health/Life Insurance Plan(s),
  • Spouse/Partner Information (Full name, Marriage date, Social Security Number),
  • Emergency Contact Information
Policies and Procedures Civil Service Exempt 89-Day
State Ethics Commission Ethics Guide // Checklist // Quick Guide
Acceptable Usage of Information Technology Resources Policy // Memorandum
B&F Workplace Violence Action Plan // Workplace Violence Program Policy
Discrimination and Harassment-Free Workplace Policy
Reasonable Accommodations for Employees and Applicants with Disabilities (DHRD P&P 601.002)
Drug and Alcohol Testing Employee Handbook // EO 03-10 (Excluded from BUs 2,3,4,9,13)
Drug and Alcohol Testing: Memorandum of Agreement (BUs 2,3,4,9,13)
Exempt Service Policy 1000.001
Health and Life Insurance Benefits Civil Service Exempt 89-Day
HIPAA Privacy Notice
EUTF Active Health Plan Guide (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023)
Premium Conversion Plan Document
Medical and Prescription Drug Plans Offered to Part-time/Temporary Employees
Retirement Benefits Civil Service Exempt 89-Day
Your Employees’ Retirement System Hybrid Plan Brochure
Employee Retirement System (ERS) Designation of Beneficiary Q&A
Deferred Compensation Plan (IRC 457)
PTS Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan
Benefits and More Civil Service Exempt 89-Day
Performance Appraisal System Summary for Employees
Family and Medical Leave Act
Learning and Development
Vacation and Sick Leave Earning Schedule
State of Hawaii Employee Current Benefits Programs
Hawaii Government Employees Association Union


How to Submit Your New Hire Form Online


If you do not perform any action on the form during an interval of 45 minutes, your web browser session will timeout and in-progress data will NOT SAVE!


Complete Your New Hire Form Online:

Digitally sign form by typing your name or using your touch screen device

      • Fill all required fields with * until “Click to sign” button appears at the end of the form: Click to sign button
      • At the prompt, enter your e-mail address and press “Click to Sign”: Click to Sign Button


Confirm Your E-Mail to Submit:

Check your inbox for an e-mail from “Adobe Sign”

      • You MUST click on the confirmation link to complete the process!
      • Follow up e-mail will be sent to confirm when your form is filed and provide you with a PDF copy for your records.


Select Your Appointment Type:

Click on your appointment type to start your new hire forms in a new tab