Holder Information

Holders are businesses, organizations, and any other entities in possession of unclaimed property. By law, unclaimed property must be reported and remitted to the State of Hawaii after a specified period of time. The following information is provided to assist holders with reporting and remitting unclaimed property.

The State of Hawaii Unclaimed Property Law as defined in HRS 523A requires organizations to review their records annually to determine if they are holding any funds, securities, or other property that has been unclaimed for the required dormancy period. Holders include companies, businesses, corporations, partnerships, professional associations, non-profit organizations, private organizations, government entities or state agencies in possession of unclaimed property. The law requires these holders to report such unclaimed property to the State of Hawaii, Department of Budget and Finance, Unclaimed Property Program.

Hawaii Unclaimed Property Law
Businesses and organizations are encouraged to review the entire law to insure that all reporting requirements are met.

Holder Reporting Guidelines
The State of Hawaii is committed to making reporting requirements as simple as possible. This reporting and remitting guide is intended to assist holders.

NAUPA Standard Electronic File Format
Holder reports must meet the national standard for reporting unclaimed property to the states. Holders are required to submit reports in an electronic file format.

Electronic Reports Required
Electronic reports are required.

Holder Information Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked holder questions regarding escheatment of unclaimed property.

Holder Report Cover Sheet Affidavit of Due Diligence
Required cover sheet for holder reports.

Holder Request for Reimbursement
Holders requesting reimbursement must submit a reimbursement form.