FM 2018

FM 18-02 Update of Revenue Estimates

FM 18-04 Update of Revenue Estimates

FM 18-05 Review of Program Structure and Performance Measures

FM 18-06 CMIA Annual Interest Exchange Procedures

FM 18-07 Treasury Deposit Receipts for FYE

FM 18-08 Extending the Lapse Dates of the Appropriation Accounts for Federal Funds

FM 18-09 Request for Non-Salary Collective Bargaining Cost Data

FM 18-10 Interim Fringe Benefit Rates for FY 19

FM 18-11 Update of Revenue Estimates

FM 18-12 Approved Fringe Benefit Rate for FY 18 and Revised Interim Fringe Benefit Rate for FY 19

FM 18-13 Negotiation Agreement Approving Central Services Costs and Fringe Benefit Rate for FY 18

FM 18-13 Cost Allocation Agreement

FM 18-13 Exhibit A

FM 18-15 Annual Review and Update of Departmental Organization and Position Organization Charts and Functional Statements

FM 18-16 FB 2019-21 Executive Budget Request and the Program and Financial Plan for the Period 2019-25

FM 18-17 Instructions for Completion of the FY 18 and FY 19 Variance

FM 18-18 Report on Non-General Fund Information

FM 18-19 Request for Information on Routine Repair and Maintenance

FM 18-20 Update of Revenue Estimates

FM 18-21 Priority Processing of Treasury Deposit Receipts (TDR) for Major Assistance Programs Identified in the Annual Treasury-State CMIA Agreement

FM 18-22 Availability of Federal Funds in State Appropriation Accounts Following a Drawdown Request for Federal Assistance Programs Subject to 31 CFR 205 Subpart B

FM 18-23 B&F’s Recommendations on FB 2019-21 Executive Budget Requests

FM 18-23 Attachment (AGR – HRD)

FM 18-23 Attachment (HTH – LNR)

FM 18-23 Attachment (LTG – UOH)