Budget in Brief
Prepared by the Department of Budget and Finance December 21, 2020


The Governor’s Message

The Organization of the Program Plan and Executive Budget

Statewide Overview and General Information

Economic Outlook

Tables Indicating Basis for Revenue Estimates and State Receipt and Revenue Plans

The Operating and Capital Budget – Statewide Summaries

State Plan of Organization

The Operating and Capital Budget

Department of Accounting and General Services

Department of Agriculture

Department of the Attorney General

Department of Budget and Finance

Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

Department of Defense

Department of Education

Office of the Governor

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

Department of Health

Department of Human Resources Development

Department of Human Services

Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

Department of Land and Natural Resources

Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Department of Public Safety

Department of Taxation

Department of Transportation

University of Hawaii

Requested Appropriations – Comparison with Previous Budget Period

Operating & Capital Budget by Major Program Area & Intermediate Levels of Program Structure

Appendix 1 – The Program Structure

Appendix 2 – Definition of Terms

Appendix 3 – Historical Information

Appendix 4 – Operating Cost Related to CIP Requests

Appendix 5 – Estimated Deferred Maintenance Cost

Appendix 6 – Pension and Other Post-Employment Benefit Liability

Appendix 7 – Debt Affordability Study